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FA-37 Talon Stealth FA37 Airplane Wood Model Free Shipping Regular New

FA-37 Talon Stealth FA37 Airplane Wood Model Free Shipping Regular New

FA-37 Talon Stealth FA37 Airplane Wood Model Free Shipping Regular New

Which has a production period of 1 month. If not, since we have our own factory, we can make one for you in a month. This magnificent and Museum-Quality crafted FA-37 Talon from the movie "Stealth" Airplane.

WOOD MODEL is finely handmade from kiln-dried Wood Mahogany and skillfully hand-painted by gifted artists. It is 9.90" in Length, with 11.00" Wingspan, weighing 0.44 pounds, and a package weight of about 2.20 pounds. The picture shown in this listing is part of a set of photos we are using as reference for the production of the models.

Each model comes with a wooden stand. Direct from our highly gifted Craftsmen & Artists, Each model is Individually Sculptured and Painted by hand, Not Mass-produced and there is No Reserve!

ABOUT US: MyAsianArt is an Art & Antiques Gallery based in Manila, Philippines promoting historical items & featuring local skilled artisans and painters specializing in high quality ARTWORKS (HAND-PAINTED Oil Paintings and Sculptures), model ships, model planes & toy models and Handicrafts from Asia. We have been doing business WORLDWIDE for more that 8 years.

Stealth was a box office bomb. The movie was directed by Rob Cohen.

In the near future, the United States Navy. Develops a program to deal with international terrorists and other enemies of the state quickly and quietly; in addition to this prime directive, the program is authorized to test virtually any new, innovative technology that will achieve these objectives. The initial stages produce three new attack jets with impressive payload, speed, and stealth capabilities: they are known as the F/A-37 Talon series. As an exclusive program, over 400 pilots apply for the chance to participate, but only three are chosen in the initial squadron: LT. Their mission success rate is near perfect, scoring 100/100 for achieving all mission objectives in field testing.

This is a composite score for maximum inflicted casualties with a minimum of collateral damage. Navy develops an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle. (UCAV, pronounced "you-kav") codenamed EDI.

" (for "Extreme Deep Invader) and piloted by an artificially intelligent. Is placed on an aircraft carrier.

To learn combat maneuvers from the human pilots aboard. This sparks a conflict between two schools of thought; the first argues that human pilots are superior to machines in that they possess both creativity and moral judgment, whereas a machine cannot fully appreciate the ugliness of war. Alternately, a machine pilot is not subject to the physical limitations of a human pilot, can calculate alternatives to achieving objectives faster and more accurately, and is (theoretically) not subject to ego. While the controversy is live, both in Washington and on the carrier, the mission commander argues that the EDI is the point of the program: the EDI is "the whole idea" so that no human has to die for the sake of the mission. The team is sent to train the EDI to practice Air Combat Manoeuvers.

When they are suddenly reassigned to take out the heads of three terrorist cells at a summit in downtown Rangoon. Sent spontaneously, mission control initially has difficulty planning the strike with the current payload aboard the planes; meanwhile EDI gleans information from several spy satellites to confirm the identities and locations of all three terrorist leaders in an impressive display of intel gathering. Once confirmed, EDI also calculates that the optimum mission success can only be achieved through a high-risk ACM. Which could be fatal for a human pilot. Command orders EDI to take the shot, but Gannon belays the order, defies command, and takes the shot himself.

While the mission is successful, EDI learns and takes note of Gannon's defiance. The mission is a success, and the Talons return to the carrier. Fatefully, the UCAV-EDI plane is hit by lightning.

And soon develops a mind of its own as its neural network gets a jump-start. While already a sophisticated AI. The EDI begins to learn exponentially, develop a rudimentary ethical code, and an ego. His handlers and technicians are unsure of how to handle the situation, but refuse to take him offline.

The team is sent to Thailand by their CO to keep them away while they "fix" EDI. There, Purcell meets a local Thai woman and begins to date her. Gannon and Wade also begin spending a lot of time with each other.

At lunch, Purcell explains why he defends EDI and thinks it keeps him safe. Gannon disagrees, saying that war should only be for humans. When the girls go to the bathroom, Gannon tells Purcell that he loves Wade. Purcell tells him that he had better do something quickly while he has the chance.

Later in the day, while walking in the grasslands, Purcell tells the Thai woman that he loves her country and that even though he loves his job flying fast, just being on earth and seeing it for what it is is cool for him. While he is sleeping with her, he is annoyed when he and the others are called back for another mission.

On their second mission, Wade calculates that the mission objectives cannot be achieved without unacceptable civilian casualties. After Purcell discovers that the strike would continue dispersing radioactive dust into Pakistan.

Gannon scrubs the mission, ordering all wings to stand-down. However, the EDI disobeys direct orders and fires missiles at the nuclear warheads, causing the predicted radioactive backlash. The EDI defends its actions using Gannon's earlier example; it rationalizes that good pilots defy orders when it means achieving the desired objectives.

Control steps in and orders the Talons to bring the malfunctioning UCAV-EDI back to base, before it potentially incites a war. Purcell begins to follow UCAV-EDI and argues with it whilst Wade follows with Gannon in the back. Gannon asks for permission to destroy the aircraft, which is initially denied but eventually accepted.

Purcell ignores this and fires, saying, Goodbye EDI! Eddie (EDI) dodges this rocket as Henry dodges the explosion but flies straight into another mountain side, partly blinded by the explosion. His death is seen slowly, as Eddie simply says "GoodBye Henry". The other two try to track down and either destroy or commandeer the UCAV.

But when Wade loses control of her left wing and canard. And subsequently ejects over North Korea.

Only one pilot is left to stop the EDI from executing a 20-year-old war scenario called "Caviar Sweep". In an attempt to complete his mission, the remaining pilot is forced to work with the UCAV in order to both keep it from falling into enemy territory as well as rescue his fallen comrade in North Korea. However, he escapes with the help of the EDI's designer, Keith Orbit.

After flying a dangerous mission into North Korea, he manages to rescue his downed wingman. The EDI, in a final act of selflessness, sacrifices itself by flying into a North Korean Army helicopter, allowing the two pilots to escape into South Korea. As the camera zooms in on EDI's central processing core, it begins to light up, suggesting that EDI may still be operational. Stealth features several shots of action on aircraft carriers.

Scenes featuring the cast were shot on board the US Navy. While additional scenes were shot on board the USS Carl Vinson.

The film has been banned in Myanmar. Because of the plot segment about bombing Yangon. After purchasing, pay instantly through! Payments are preferred because they are SAFE & SECURE. We are a Premier Merchant, both Verified and Confirmed.

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FA-37 Talon Stealth FA37 Airplane Wood Model Free Shipping Regular New