Wood Model Ship

Executor Class SSD Star Wars Dreadnought Wood Model Free Ship

Executor Class SSD Star Wars Dreadnought Wood Model Free Ship

Executor Class SSD Star Wars Dreadnought Wood Model Free Ship
Which has a production period of 1 month. If not, since we have our own factory, we can make one for you in a month. This magnificent and Museum-Quality crafted Star Wars Executor Class SSD Dreadnought WOOD MODEL is finely handmade from kiln-dried Wood Mahogany and skillfully hand-painted by gifted artists. It is 11.00 in Length, weighing 0.44 pounds, and a package weight of about 2.20 pounds. The picture shown in this listing is part of a set of photos we are using as reference for the production of the models. Each model comes with a wooden stand. Direct from our highly gifted Craftsmen & Artists, Each model is Individually Sculptured and Painted by hand, Not Mass-produced and there is No Reserve! ABOUT US: MyAsianArt is an Art & Antiques Gallery based in Manila, Philippines promoting historical items & featuring local skilled artisans and painters specializing in high quality ARTWORKS (HAND-PAINTED Oil Paintings and Sculptures), model ships, model planes & toy models and Handicrafts from Asia.

We have been doing business WORLDWIDE for more that 8 years. Asl 050109 / csm 05-10-08. The Executor -class Star Dreadnought , also known as the Executor -class Super Star Destroyer or Executor -class Star Destroyer , was a heavy warship. Class in the Star Dreadnought. League, often used as command ships.

At their prime, they were among the largest vessels in the galaxy. Second only to heavier Star Dreadnoughts like the Eclipse -class. And were almost invincible in combat. However, they were very expensive. The Executor -class measured 19 kilometers in length and was 100 times more massive than the Imperial -class Star Destroyer.

And enlisted men were said to have crewed the vessel. The Executor -class was built with one main reactor and an unknown number of secondary reactors.

Thirteen engines in five thruster banks gave the Executor -class impressive acceleration for its size. The main reactor was accessible through various service tubes. The Executor -class had over 5,000 weapons emplacements, including turbolasers. With warships being able to direct all power to their energy weapons, the Executor -class had at least 100 times more firepower than an Imperial -class destroyer. A majority of gun batteries and missile launchers were located in the central cityscape on the class's dorsal side, while some point-defense guns were located throughout the side-trenches. Handled much of the power generatedan amount equivalent to the total power of a medium star. Shield-projectors were placed throughout the hull, which decentralized the protection system and decreased the chance of all shields falling at once.

Known shield segments included the dorsal, ventral, bow, aft, port and starboard shields. The Executor -class was the brainchild of Lira Wessex.

The brilliant and ambitious engineer who already had the designs of the Venator -class. And Imperator -class (later renamed Imperial -class) Star Destroyers to her credit. Following her work on the already-impressive Imperial -class, Wessex sought to improve on the design. Adhering to Kuat Drive Yards.

Philosophy of psychological effect in starship design, or "terror styling", she believed that the immense size of an Imperial -class Star Destroyer was largely responsible for its ability to intimidate opponents. Working on that theory, she began designing a starship that would dwarf all her previous works. Though KDY had designed and built extremely large warships in the past, such as Star Dreadnoughts like the Mandator -class. The result obtained by Wessex was utterly gargantuan. Emperor Palpatine authorized the construction of the first four Executor -class ships even before the Battle of Yavin. , but it still had to be slipped past the watchful eyes of various oversight committees in the Imperial Senate. To the very last, the minority of Senators who opposed Palpatine and his policies used the few political tools they had left to hinder him, and one of these was budget oversight. The sudden and unanticipated destruction of the Death Star at Yavin changed Wessex's production schedule completely.

At the urging of Darth Vader. The Emperor ordered her to rush the new ships into production as quickly as possible, to compensate for the loss of the battle station. As certain segments of naval command may have anticipated, a new symbol of intimidation was needed, and as Wessex had believed, the Executor -class fit the need well. The first two Executor -class ships were built simultaneously at Kuat Drive Yards.

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Executor Class SSD Star Wars Dreadnought Wood Model Free Ship